Seoul ADEX 2023

Show Hours & Venue

Category Date Time Venue
Indoor & Outdoor
Business Day Oct.17(Tue) ~ 20(Fri) TBD Seoul Airport
Public Day Oct.21(Sat) ~ 22(Sun)
Flying Display
& Other Events
Flying Display Oct.17(Tue) ~ 22(Sun) TBD
Other Events TBD


Honorary Chairman The Prime Minister
Honorary Vice-Chairman The Minister of National Defense
The Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy
The Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Host KAIA (Korea Aerospace Industries Association)
KDIA (Korea Defense Industries Association)
KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)
Managed by Seoul ADEX Office
Support Ministry of National Defense
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
ROK Army·Air Force·Marine Corps
DAPA (Defense Acquisition Program Administration)
Seongnam City

Show Features

  • Indoor Exhibition
    Aircraft (Rotary/Fixed wing), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone), Space material, Weapon systems mock-up and full scale
    Simulator, Weapon systems equipment
    Ground · Naval weapons and equipment
    Other related to airport facilities and publications
  • Outdoor Exhibition
    New fighter, (Military) Transport aircraft, Cargo Aircraft, Helicopter and Civil aircraft
    Ground equipment such as MBT, self-propelled/mobile artillery, armoured fighting vehicle and unarmored vehicle
  • Demonstrations
    Demo-Flight (KT-1, T-50, FA-50, etc.)
    Aerial Acrobatic (Black Eagles, Aerobatic Flight Team from abroad)
  • Seminars and Conferences
    Seminars, Conferences, Symposiums in fields related to the aerospace and defense industries
  • Student Day
    Events and programs for students related to aerospace and defense industries
  • Events
    Hands-on experience, performances by military honor guard and military band