Seoul ADEX
2019.10.15~20 Seoul Airport

Things To Do



10.18(Fri) Performance by the Military Band/Honor Guard (MND, ROKA, ROKAF)
Comprehensive Taekwondo (ROKA), Korean Traditional Music (ROKA-Seongnam Traditional Music Orchestra)
10.19(Sat) Performance by the Military Band (MND), Performance by the Honor Guard (MND, ROKA, ROKAF)
Comprehensive Taekwondo (ROKA), Marching Band, Assorted Korean Traditional Drum (ROKAF)
10.20(Sun) Military Band (ROKA, ROKAF), Honor Guard (ROKA), Taekwonmoo (ROKA)

Experience Event

Date Experience Making
10.19(Sat) ~ 20(Sun) Pilot Training, Flight Illusion, 3D Printing, Chiron Simulation, Weather Forecaster, Solar Observation, EOD Mission, Construction Machine Control, Special Duty Team, Fighter Jet VR, etc Parachute Cord, Caligraphy, Google Cardboard, Figher Jet Replica, Badge, Postcard, etc

※ Experience Field Stamp Tour